Monday, December 12, 2011

Yes, I'm still here!

I know it's been a few days.  I had a fabulous weekend.  Lots and lots of family time.  Saturday, we had our big family Christmas breakfast, and opened presents.  The kids had a great time, and they all seemed really excited about their gifts.  Saturday night, we got together with my daddy's side of the family.  Even my aunt came in from Texas, and my uncle from Oklahoma.  So much fun!  Sunday afternoon was a get together with my mom's side.  More fabulousness.  I love my family.  True story.

As far as food goes...I'm on vacation! LOL  I really haven't been nearly as good as I was planning on being.  I can make excuses all I want.  But fact is, it is eating like this that made me fat in the first place.  Last week, I was staying with my aunt on her third floor.  So I was going up and down stairs a couple times a day.  I would make a point to at least jog up them when I could so I could pretend to be getting excercise, but I know that wasn't worth a whole lot.  This week I'm staying with Cat so I'm hoping there will be more workouts involved.  Turbo Jam FTW!

This past week has been all about family.  I brought my nephews down with me, so I was focusing on getting them to see who all they wanted and needed to see.  They went to their paternal grandmother's house this weekend to spend time with that side of their family.  That means this week is more about friends as well as any family I missed seeing last week.  Looking forward to spending time with everybody! 

I do, however, miss my hubby hardcore.  While I am having a wonderful time here, I don't like vacationing without him.  I just feel better when he's around!

On that note, I gotta go get ready to go to his favorite restaurant - Buffalo Wild Wings.  I promise to get the naked tenders so I can avoid the calories from all the breading!

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