Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Christmas is huge in my family.  We are big holiday people.  That's why I've been so bummed about my lack of Christmas spirit this year.  Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I woke up too late to have time to go to the gym (excuses, I know) but the hubby and I went over to Sister's house and played Skyrim with my nephews.  I attempted to make a pumpkin spice cake, but I was not paying attention and it fell of the table.  Broke my favorite Pyrex pan, too! Sad face!  Anyway, after that, we went to my mom's house to set up for her big shindig they host every year.  This year was a lot of fun!  There weren't as many people, so it was easier to mingle around and such.  (Not that having a lot of people is a bad thing!)  There was ham, fruit salad buffet, cheese and crackers, and more desserts than you can imagine. 

Emotionally though, yesterday was kinda hard.  I participate in a message board for women TTC after a Loss.  The link is over in my favorites over there -->.  There were just so many women who had gotten pregnant, but had to come back to the board b/c they, yet again, lost the baby.  Plus all the women that have had to deal with a loss, then compounded with infertility.  It is just so unfair!  Why do women who want nothing more than a baby to love and cherish get crapped on by the universe when random crackheads and 14 year old girls can get pregnant and have healthy pregnancies and babies, and leave their baby in a dumpster somewhere?  I wasn't even upset for me and our loss, I was more mad for them and theirs.  Then I found out that a cousin announced their pregnancy over the holiday festivities.  THEN I got sad for me. LOL 

Sorry, rant over.  Once the hubby and I got home from Mom and Daddy's, we opened one present from each other.  Hubby opened his new Bible, and I opened my anatomical heart necklace.  LOVE!!!  When I put it on, I realized that if I had gotten this a year ago when I asked for it, it would not have fit around my neck.  It's kind of a choker on me now, so there's no way it would have fit 60 pounds ago.  Woot.

This morning, we woke up at 5:00 to open presents.  My alarm goes off at 5:00 every day anyway, so I was very thankful that the hubby let me sleep.  Usually he's waking me up around 3:00 on Christmas day.  No, I'm not kidding.  The man wins at Christmas, I'm telling you.  This year, in addition to my necklace, I got a Dalek alarm clock, wind up Dalek, and a desktop Dalek!  Daleks are the bad guys from Doctor Who.  I also got all three season of The Big Bang Theory on DVD, Green Lantern on BluRay, and the entire Star Wars saga on BluRay!  Yeah, I'm a bit of a nerd.  But srsly, Best. Christmas. Ever. 

I got hubby a work out thing with the resistance bands that hooks onto a door frame, the extended edition Lord of the Rings trilogy on BluRay, Fanboys, Spaceballs, and Rocky Balboa on BluRay, Your Shape and Just Dance 3 for Kinect, and a membership to our local shooting range.  This membership gets us access after hours too, which is kind of a win.  We don't like dealing with people when we shoot.

So, now that you've made it through this book I've written, let me leave you with this:

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