Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What's this? There's magic in the air...

First off, bonus points to those that can name that movie!

Moving right along!  What has two thumbs and is down another pound (possibly two - I'll explain in a sec) despite eating like total crap the last two weeks?  This girl!  Jumped on the scale yesterday, and it said 260.  I liked that number so much, I jumped on it immediately again, and sure enough, there it was again!  So this morning I jumped on, and it said 261.  Still prettier than 262!  I'm going to log the 261, but hold off on the 260 till I see it more than once.  Woot.

So remember how I was lamenting my lack of Christmas spirit?  I found some!  Yay!!  Not nearly as much as I usually have - apparently my sister has hijacked all my usual Christmas spirit - but I do have some.  I'm relishing in wearing my awesome Spock Santa hat (why yes, it does have Spock ears!) and wrapping bazillions of presents.  I can't wait to see everybody open what we got them!

And for my favorite little Christmas miracle of the year, my niece is coming home this week!  Backstory:  My sister in law gave birth to Little Miss on November 8.  Her due date was December 19.  That's six weeks early!  So Little Miss has been hanging out in the NICU since with some breathing issues, and general normal preemie stuff.  But, they're going through all the final classes/trainings on how to care for a preemie, and looks like she'll be making her grand exit towards home either today or tomorrow!  Thanks to everyone who sent thoughts and prayers their way.  I know they really appreciate it.  And I cannot wait to get my hands on that baby! :D


  1. A movie I don't even like! Nightmare Before Christmas? (do I still get the bonus points? I will be soooo embarrassed if I'm wrong....)

    Yay for missing pounds, Spock ears, and baby snuggles! Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Ok, SOME of us can't look at blogs at work, so I'm late to the party. But yes, Cat, it is Nightmare Before Christmas. And you just made me cry. How can you NOT like the best movie ever made??? Where did I go wrong????

    Congrats Ash, I'm super glad you are sharing in the Christmas spirit with me!!

    And now I'm off to finish cooking dinner and to pull up that song on my iPod now that it is stuck in my head. Yes, it is on my iPod. So is the movie. :)

  3. Yeah, Cat, I'm not sure if we can be friends anymore. Obviously we have to still be sisters, but friends? IDK. How do you not like this movie? Weirdo. ;)

  4. I don't know! I just never CLICKED with it, if that makes sense. Hubby said basically the same things yesterday when I said I hated "The Christmas Story". Will I have any friends left? :(