Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hi honey, I'm home!

I'm back at the house now.  Getting from STL to SEA was no issue.  Was about 7,000 degrees on the plane, but overall, no big deal.  Then we landed, and I turned my phone back on...and saw the email that our flight from SEA to ANC was cancelled.  Um, huh??  We got put on a flight 2 hours later.  Overall, not a huge deal.  Could have been MUCH worse.  So we hung out in SEA for a while, then got on our plane.  That's when things got exciting.  My nephew commented on the way down to STL a couple weeks ago how amusing it was for him that I could sleep through all the turbulance we experienced.  Yeah, on the way from SEA to ANC, turbulance woke me up.  Twice.  We were bouncing all over the sky.  Then we went to land.  In a high wind advisory.  They only issue those if winds will be gusting over 80 mph.  Super exciting, I tell you.  But the pilot was awesome, and wins at his job, and we landed with no incident.  It felt so good to sleep in my own bed, cuddled up with my husband!

This morning I put on my Cardinals shirt that I bought down south. Now, back in March when I realized just how horrifically fat I really was, I refused to put on a 3XL shirt b/c it was touching me and when I sat down, the seams cried out for mercy as they stretched over my giant spare tire.  I was much more comfortable in a 4XL, and would prefer a 5XL if at all possible so it wouldn't touch me.  This shirt I'm wearing is a 2XL.  That's right.  That's a 2 before that XL!  Now I did have to stretch it just a bit, but I am perfectly comfortable wearing this shirt out in public.  Yay me!! 

I did weigh a couple times while I was down south.  Once fully clothes, with shoes, and once fully clothed without.  Before my shower on the morning before I left for vacation, my home scale said 262.  Fully clothed without shoes, after breakfast on the morning I left down south, my aunt's scale said 264.  YES!  This morning I weighed before my shower (after breakfast, and still swollen from the plane ride) and it said 263.  So I'm leaning towards I may not have gained any weight on my trip!!  If I did, it's only a pound or two, and frankly, I'm ok with that.  I ate a lot and most of it was junk.  So if I only gained a pound or two, I'll gladly take it!

This evening is our church's Christmas play.  (No, I won't wear the Cardinals shirt to proud as I am of what size it is!)  Bless my nephews' hearts, after such an eventful day yesterday, they're front and center in the play.  I'm sure they'll rock it because, well, they're hardcore awesome.  But still.  I know I'm exhausted, so I'm sure they are too!


  1. Can't wait to see pics of the play! And I'm glad you guys made it safely.

  2. Your Cardinals shirt looks awesome too! Mom

  3. Yay! It finally let me comment - I've tried several times with no luck, but Cat suggested I comment as anonymous and it worked!