Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fit and Happy...on vacation

Yay for vacation!  Anyway.  In the airport in Alaska, we did go to McDonalds, so that was kind of a kick in the gut.  But once we got to Seattle, I did manage to avoid Wendy's when the boys went there for lunch.  When we got on the plane, I purchaced one of the fruit and cheese trays.  OMG it was surprisingly good!  I mean, who would have thought airplane food was good? LOL  It had a couple different wedges of cheddar cheese, another sharp cheese that I had no idea what it was, a wedge of brie, some crackers, a couple bunches of green and red grapes, and a few apple slices.  Really filling and relatively small calories.  So yummy! 

Once we got off the plane, we of course went to Olive Garden.  I did have 3 breadsticks, but I was able to keep the rest of my meal under control.  I got the Pasta E Fagoli soup (please forgive the butchering of the spelling) and cheese ravioli.  Better than the Tour of Italy and deep fried calamari I really wanted. LOL

Since we've been here, I've eaten out more than I have eaten out in the past year.  I've only been here three days!  But I've attempted to make smarter decisions for the most part.  I did splurge and have biscuits and gravy and country potatoes for breakfast on Monday, but I could only eat one of the biscuits, and not even half the potatoes.  I've attempted to stay away from deep fried things, and go more towards the lower calorie end of menus. 

I don't have a scale here.  I will end up borrowing my sister's when I go stay with her next week.  I'm a bit afraid of what I'm going to see.  Even though I am attempting to make better choices with eating out, it's still far less healthy than eating at home.  Tonight though, my niece and I cooked at my aunt''s house.  It was fabulous!  I was able to keep much better control over my food than I had been.  And tomorrow night we're going to Cat's house for supper.  She's the one who is eating healthier as well, so I know tomorrow night is going to be a good night, nutritionally. :) 


  1. Yay! You are doing great. Hang in there Sister!

  2. YAY! Speaking of dinner tonight, what are we having?! I promise to not deep fry it ;)