Sunday, January 1, 2012

Measurements Day!

Today was measurement day.  Oh dear. LOL  I have not been good the past month.  I've been very bad, even.  I've skimped on the working out, I upped my calorie intake, and haven't been eating healthy foods.  It's been ugly.

That being said - I DID NOT GAIN ANY INCHES!  I even lost 3 total!  Woot.  I lost 1 from just under my bust, 1 from just above my belly button, and .25 from both my hips and left bicep.  I'll take it!  I also am at the same weight I was at Dec. 1.  Like I said before, given my crappy eating habits over the past month, I'll take it!

Yesterday I ate pizza rolls.  A lot of pizza rolls.  I feel like warmed up crap today.  Next time I want pizza rolls, remind me of this ok?  If the grocery store is open, I'm totally buying them out of green beans.  I miss vegetables!