Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm a terrible gym rat.

I skipped the gym again today.  I know, I know.  It's awful! 

In my defense, it apparently snowed like a big dog last night.  The weatherman was calling for between 9-18 inches between last night and today.  I don't know that we got THAT much, but it did snow, and I'm really not looking forward to driving to work today.  Even in Alaska, when it snows, people get dumb.

I had a slight non-scale setback last night.  I went to Nordstrom to buy boots.  I want the knee-high boots that have a motorcycle boot feel to them.  You know, buckles and stuff.  Found a pair I LOVED.  I couldn't get it up over my calf.  Found another pair I really liked.  Same deal.  When did my calves get so big again?? LOL  Then I went home and looked online at the width on them.  The first pair was 14", the second was 12.  TWELVE inches.  Yeah my calf is still like 16 or something.  But you know what?  I have a rocking calf muscle, so screw them and their tiny legs anyway.

Plus, my husband rocks.  As we left Nordstrom, we passed Journey's.  There were boots on the wall.  They're beautiful.  Amazing.  I've wanted these boots for years.  He let me try them on.  Then he let me buy them!  So, I am now the proud owner of Converse Chuck Taylor BOOTS.  Yes.  I own Chuck boots.

Aren't they fabulous??  If I could get away with wearing them at work, I would absolutely wear them every single day.  Love. These.  Shoes. 

Just an update on the support group... I'm still waiting to hear back from RESOLVE.  Unfortunately, the email address I was given kept coming back as undeliverable.  So I called the main number and got the email address for the woman who "does all the support group stuff."  I sent her an email yesterday, so hopefully she gets back to me soon!  Thanks for all the love and support with this everybody.  :)

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  1. Can't wait to hear about how it goes! And heart the boots!!!