Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hide & Seek is my new favorite game.

Soooo....  I FINALLY found Stormy on the fetal doppler at home!  The doppler lets me hear Stormy's heartbeat.  It's absolutely the best $50 I have ever spent.  True story.

Anyway.  I haven't been able to get much use out of until last weekend because of my "extra layers" (as the doc so nicely put it) and because I have a cluster of fibroids, one of which is front and center.  Big enough for Stormy to hide behind.  So I'd try every few days, but get disappointed when I couldn't find him.

Then last Friday night, Husband wasn't home.  He doesn't like it when not finding Stormy makes me upset, so I hadn't tried in a couple weeks.  But I went ahead and tried again.  Almost INSTANTLY I found the heartbeat!!  The doppler has a crappy measuring system on it, but it was reading at about 155ish.  I recorded about a 30 second clip, and counted it out, and that was about right. Seriously, best sound ever.

So, every night before I go to bed now, I break out the doppler.  This kid likes to hide from me. LOL  I will find him, then he'll scoot over.  So I'll move the wand, and find him again.  I'll listen for a few seconds, and he'll scoot over again.  Makes me smile.  Seriously, one of the absolute coolest things I have ever experienced is finding Stormy's HB.  It'll be super strong and super loud.  Then it'll get quieter, and quieter, then nothing.  Then scooting the wand over an inch or two, and finding him strong and loud again.  

Now, he does still like to hide behind the fibroids.  But at least he's getting big enough that I can hear an echo of it, even when he is hiding.  I haven't straight up NOT found the heartbeat since I started trying again last week. A couple of times, it's extremely faint, and he won't move for nothing.  But I can always hear at least a shadow of it.  And when I try the next morning, I can usually find him pretty good.  (that's only happened twice.)

In other news, I have had people ask me if 1) I know for sure Stormy is a boy, and 2) if we're actually naming the kid Stormy.  No, I don't know for sure Stormy is a boy.  I have just had a feeling he is since I found out I was pregnant.  I would love to have a little girl.  Or a little boy.  Whatever.  As long as Stormy is healthy, I really don't care what kind of parts s/he has.  And no, we're not naming the child Stormy for real.  Obviously, if  Stormy is a boy, his real name will be Hulk.  And if she's a girl, her name will be Wonder Woman.  Duh.

Yes, I'm kidding.  Stormy is short for Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.  It's a Doctor Who reference.  We're not actually naming the child Stormy.  Or Stormageddon.  Or Dark Lord of All.  We are kicking around perfectly normal human names, and yes, I will announce which one we've chosen once we've found out if Stormy is a boy or a girl.


  1. I always look forward to your postings on the blog. I am always anxious to hear the latest news. Continue to take care of little Stormie. Love ya'll.

  2. But no matter what, I can still call him/her Stormy, right? Even if I think Dr. Who is silly? ;) (I've just been booted as the favorite aunt, haven't I?) lol