Monday, April 9, 2012

I really am terrible about updating!

I'd say "I'll try to do better!" again, but really, who'd believe me at this point? ;)

Pregnancy type things are going well, as far as I know.  You saw my last update, so that's the last medical update I have.  I have started to show a little bit.  Although, if you didn't know any better, it'd be easy just to say "wow, she's really getting fat again!"  But I throw the gut in maternity pants and call it a bump. LOL  Physically, things are still going very well.  Not terribly sick (although nausea is making a comeback recently, and I'm really not terribly impressed) and I'm finally starting to not be completely ravenous all the time.  Woot.

I'm 13 weeks now, which puts me in second trimester.  Finally! LOL  I know just because I made it here does not automatically mean everything is perfect and wonderful, and nothing bad can happen.  But, the chances do drop, a lot.  So that's exciting!  I go back in next Monday for another ultrasound.  I'll be 14 weeks.  Hopefully, if Stormy cooperates, we MIGHT be able to get an early guess on whether it's a girl or a boy!

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