Monday, April 2, 2012

As promised - the update!

Hey guys! Fair warning, this is gonna be pretty long.  First off though, we are officially "out" on Facebook.  Feel free to share some love over there too.  We're all public and such now. LOL

Before we even got started, Doc asked if I was feeling movement yet. (queue me being confused since I'm only 12w, but whatever.) I told him no, and he said soon I should start watching for it. Doc decided last go round that abdominal u/s would work best because of where Stormy was sitting. So we started with that. He got some pretty good shots of the kid flopping around. He kind of raised an eyebrow and said "Oh this one's active. When you start feeling movement, you're DEFINITELY going to feel it!" Stormy was kicking his little legs and flapping his little arms! His little heart was just a going at 175 bpm, too. (This makes my mom and sister SWEAR Stormy is a girl. I still say he's a boy.)

Then doc measured. Stormy is measuring in at 11w3d. Um, what? No, unacceptable. Try again. 11w3d. Again, wtf? I told Doc I was pretty concerned about that because he's NEVER measured small. Ever. So doc offered an internal u/s. I asked if he would be able to get a good measurement since it's so much lower. He said he could at least see his head, and probably most of his body. Groovy, make it so.

So, moving on to the internal u/s. I'm somewhat concerned by the size of this child's head. Ok, not really, and I do know that it's supposed to be somewhat big at this point, but dude. Kid has a skillet. LOL But once we got past that (got to see his little brain too!! So awesome!) We got a show! He was just a waving and a wiggling! He kept waving and clenching his fists. His little legs are crossed at the ankles. and his little toes!! Anyway, doc got a much better measurement at 12w3d, which is exactly where doc has me according to LMP, so I'm a much happier momma.

I also have a lovely cluster of fibroids. There's seriously like 5 of them, all around. Doc says they shouldn't cause a problem. One of them is 4.3cm though, and towards the front, so that's more than likely why I can't hear Stormy on the doppler yet. (that and my "extra layers" as doc so nicely put it.) My clot, however, is GONE! Woot! This means exercise is a go! And seeing a very ugly number on the scale today makes me very glad for that. ::shudder::

I also did get clearance to go to the range. He told me to use common sense. If the recoil knocks me over, don't shoot that gun. He told me I should probably stay away from the .50 cals though. LOL

I asked him about bacon/hot dogs, and he said make sure they're fully cooked. steaming, truly honestly hot all the way through. And don't eat it every day. But a slice of bacon or a hot dog here and there is fine.

And now, here is Stormy at 12w3d! (see his little fist??)


  1. Such wonderful news!! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Good news! Answer to prayer! Of course your doctor sees you more often - you ARE his most important patient.