Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Latest update

So I had my appointment Monday.  It was an interesting start to my day. 

The appointment was originally scheduled for 7:30 a.m.  I did this so the husband could come with me.  He doesn't get as much leave time as I do, so he's trying to save up every bit he can so he can stay home with me for as long as possible come October.  So if he has to miss work, he doesn't come to the appointments.  Anyway, Thursday afternoon, the receptionist calls and says Doc got pulled into a surgery for Monday morning, and would I mind pushing the appt back an hour.  Sure, fine.  So I recruit my Momma to come with me instead.

We get there a few minutes early.  I get called back, did the weight, BP, etc.  Then we got showed into the exam room, and told Doc would be with us soon.

About 10 minutes later, the nurse comes in.  They had just called over to the hospital looking for a status update.  They said they'are assuming about 20 more minutes, but they didn't actually check with the doctors.  Ok, that's fine.  Doc's schedule is packed for the rest of the week, so we'll just chill out.

20 minutes later, Nurse comes back.  They DID talk to the docs this time...and it'll be another 30 minutes before he's done with surgery.  Oops.  That's ok.  We'll hang out.

Luckily, doc did come in about 45 minutes later, and he apologized all over himself.  Seriously, sounds like the chick he was working out needed his time at that point more than I did.  Not a huge deal.

So we did the ultrasound.  Heartbeat is sitting at 165.  Stormy was all curled up into a ball, so he was "measuring small."  But Doc also said that if Stormy would straighten out, the measurement would be different.  So I'm not terribly concerned.  At first, Stormy was pretty still.  Then he started kicking his legs.  Then he started twitching his head.  Then we saw his mouth open and closed. I'm convinced he was yelling at us for waking him up. He is my kid after all! LOL

I asked about an early gender guess.  Doc said his machine isn't high-tech enough to even begin to see anything this early.  Plus, Stormy's legs were all closed and parallel.  Then Stormy adjusted, and we got a shot.  Doc froze the picture.  Stormy has.........a dot.  That's right.  His boy or girl parts are just a white dot on an ultrasound screen right now.  So, no such luck.  Oh well.  I knew it was a long shot anyway. 

In my own personal growth, my next appointment isn't for almost three weeks!  Yay!  Look at me grow!  (We've been going back every two weeks because doc knows I'm paranoid about something going wrong.  Plus the whole bleeding/clot issue from a few weeks ago, but mostly because I'm paranoid.)

Now, I was diagnosed with "a bit of placenta previa."  That means the placenta is down too close to the cervix.  Not a huge hairy deal right now, but something to keep an eye on.  Doc said it would probably move on it's own as I get farther along.

In other RIDICULOUSLY exciting news, I only put on one pound over the last two weeks!  (Last time, I had put on like 6.  So yeah, only one makes me happy.)  Also, I was cleared for any low impact cardio, and even some weightlifting using arms only.  So no leg presses, no squats, etc.  He did specifically clear my elliptical and light walking.  Woot.  Now I just have to convince myself it really is ok to do it. LOL

I'm not going to include a picture this time because Stormy wasn't cooperating very well.  We only got some fuzzy ones that look more like a bean than a baby.  He was hiding behind, you know, my guts and stuff. LOL

Oooh!  I almost forgot!  Anatomy scan (where they do an in-depth scan of the entire anatomy and make sure everything is developing correctly) is scheduled!  This is also the BIG ultrasound, where they can tell for sure if Stormy is a girl or a boy.  Well, as long as Stormy doesn't get shy or anything.  Roll on May 29!


  1. Yay!!

    BTW, I love the new background. Thank you for changing it away from the black. :)

    1. LOL you're welcome. I was reading some past posts, and realized my eyes were hurting. I need something new anyway. :D