Friday, May 4, 2012

Yay more updates!

Had my regularly scheduled ultrasound yesterday.  Husband FINALLY got to come to one! LOL  Usually he can't make the appointments because of work.  Silly work.

Anyway, reader's digest version is Stormy is doing great.  He was all squirmy. Doc says "Wow, you have an active child."  Yes.  Yes I do.  Heart rate was 153, which is perfect, and he's measuring at "a little over 4 inches" which is also perfect.  

Ok, seriously, this child has some LEGS.  Even doc mentioned how long this child's legs are.  So head to rump, he's measuring at a little over 4 inches, like I just said.  his legs are another 2 inches on top of that!  And his little feet!  Well, nothing little about his feet, really.  Poor thing has my feet and legs.  It's gonna suck to find jeans and shoes. LOL   We had a PERFECT shot of his gigantor feet at one point.  I mean he kicked the wand kind of perfect shot.  We could see all of his little toes and everything.  Then as soon as doc went to freeze the picture to print it out, Stormy would move.  Punk.  So I have a blurry picture of something that could possibly be feet hanging on my fridge. :)

I asked Doc what the odds were of an educated guess as to whether he is actually a he.  I told Doc that I have been assuming this child is a boy since the very beginning.  No particular reason, just a feeling.  Ever since I found out I was pregnant.  The thought that it could actually, honest to goodness be a girl didn't even occur to me until like 2 weeks ago.  Just as I finished saying this, Doc says, "Well, it's looking more girl than boy today." Um, I'm sorry, what?  LOL  Then from another angle he says, "Well, you know, it looks more boy than girl here..."  So we're at a 50/50 shot. Because, you know, that's super helpful. :)

So my next ultrasound is May 29, and it's the BIG ultrasound.  They'll measure various different parts and pieces and make sure Stormy is growing appropriately.  And they'll make sure his heart and organs and such all look good. And, you know, we'll find out of he's really a he!  If the child cooperates anyway.

So, now the part you *really* read my updates for.  The pictures!! :)

Seriously, check out my kid's legs!  (Thigh is on the left, knee bends towards the top of the picture, feet are at the right.)

And here's an almost full body pic.  (Head is on the left, spine goes across the top, and legs are on the right.  He's cut off at about the knee though, so that's why it looks like it's bent funny. LOL)

I hope everyone has a fabulous day, and may the 4th be with you! :D

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