Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ok, so the family knows...

Stormy shall now be known as....

Baby Ruth!  That's right, we're having a little girl!!!  Squeee!!!!  How many camo dresses with ruffle butts can I find? :D  So yeah, I was wrong.  There, I said it.  That's ok though.  I'll be wrong just this once. ;)

We told Husband's family at lunch at the Olive Garden today.  Mother in Law squealed.  Even the waitresses were excited. :)

We told my family with cupcakes.  I've attached the video here so 2 of 4 can enjoy it too.  (since she lives all across the country and such, she couldn't come.)


  1. Hah, when I saw the photo of the tray of cakes, I wondered how awkward it would be if the cupcakes got switched up. LOL

  2. I joked that I was going to mix them on purpose and make them guess which one was right. ;) LOL