Saturday, June 2, 2012

More fun updates!

So, y'all already know Stormy is a girl.  But now she has a name, too!

She is Alice Ruthanne.  Ruth has been in every generation in my family since the beginning of time or something.  And Husband just really likes the name Alice. :)

Before we found out she was a girl, I was telling people that if we had a boy, we'd name him Hulk, and if we had a girl, we'd name her Wonder Woman.  So guess who found a Wonder Woman bib/costume thing!  That's right. FTW! LOL

I had my regular OB appointment yesterday.  Since my doctor wins at life, he does an ultrasound at every appointment.  Yes, Alice is still a girl. LOL  He was trying to show me how my belly translated on screen.  So he tapped on the left side of my belly, by her feet.  She reared back and kicked him.  So he did it again.  So did she.  Feisty little thing anyway. :)

She still has giant, giant legs and will never ever be able to wear pants long enough.  Head to rump, she's about six-ish inches.  She was curled up, so the measurement wasn't super accurate.  Anyway, her legs are another four inches on top of that!  Dude!  Doc kept commenting on how long her legs are.  And how squirmy she is.  I'm in for some trouble it looks like. LOL

Also, I learned that as adorable as she is in my 3D u/s, she still kinda looks like Skeletor in the 2D u/s.  True story.

Since I know you only come here for the pictures, I'll post another one of the 3D pics we got earlier this week. It kinda looks like she's smiling. :D

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  1. My dd was very interactive that way. Anything that touched my belly, she'd attack. Mug of tea. Stethoscope. Especially the stethoscope. I'd lie in bed and listen to her heart before going to sleep, and she'd kick/punch it no matter where I placed it. Fun playing games like that, especially as you get farther along and she's bigger and kicking harder :-)