Saturday, March 17, 2012

Unacceptable Behavior

So I learned last week that 1 of 4 has never seen Anne of Green Gables.  I KNOW!!! 

That means today, we are going to remedy that situation.  We're going over to Momma's house, and we're going to eat brie and drink sparkling cider and watch it.  Woot!!

I simply adore this movie.  I adore the books.  I adore everything about it.  I'm telling you, the movie ranks up there with Grease, Oklahoma, The King and I, and Newsies.  True story.  It's kind of a big deal. (Disclaimer:  Only the one with Megan Follows as Anne.  Ignore the rest of them.)

And the books!  Ooh the books.  They're fabulous!!!  If you have a nook, you need to go download them RIGHT NOW.  It's only 99cents, and you get the entire series.  All of the books.  1500 pages of fabulous. 

Did you download it?  Then quit reading this, and go read them!! 


  1. My girls LOVED the movie! I am trying to get one of them into the book now. Have fun!!!!

  2. I love Anne of Green Gables. I have the books on my Kindle and I often re-read my favorite parts.