Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sorry guys!

I know it's been like a week since I updated.  But frankly, it's been a really easy week.  Which is somewhat terrifying since no week in this pregnancy has screamed "easy" to me. LOL  I did ask the doc to change my meds last week, so I think that has a lot to do with the lack of drama right now.  This new med doesn't seem to hate me as much as the last one did.

Also, I have another ultrasound today.  Yay!  I'm going back and forth between being super excited and super scared.  I'm excited right now, though.  I think. LOL  Hopefully this clot will be gone and I will be allowed on the elliptical again.  He already said I could exercise as long as I keep my heart rate below 150.  But that was before the clot, and before I was banned from even coughing and sneezing. 

I have GOT to get my eating back under control, too.  It's getting back to super fat kid proportions.  It's embarassing, really.  But all I want out of life is stuffed crust pizza and Kraft mac and cheese.  I did some shopping the other day and got some more healthy options.  I bought a big bag of oranges that are AMAZING.  OMG so stinking good.  I also got some healthier breakfast stuff, and I discovered I still have a bunch of almonds that I forgot about.  I am not cutting pasta out because it's one of the things that makes me not want to hurl on myself.  But I did get Dreamfields brand, and Jennie-O 99% fat free ground turkey.  Really, it's going to be a matter of re-training myself to eat healthier.  And not as stinking much as I have been.  ::shaking head::

Anyway, that's about all I've got for now.  I promise I will make an effort to keep this updated more often!


  1. I was wondering how you were doing. Sorry that you're feeling ill... hopefully that lets up after a few weeks, and that you can get back onto the elliptical.

    Good luck with your eating... maybe it will be easier if you think about all that good & healthy, nutritional food nourishing your little one! (So says the girl who craved Pizza Hut pan crust pizza through my pregnancy with Landon.)

    1. That's what I keep telling myself while I'm snarfing down oranges like nobody's business. LOL At least they're good for me and Stormy! :)

      And really, I prefer DiGorno's stuffed crust over PH stuffed crust. Their crust is softer and doesn't scratch the roof of my mouth like PH does. LOL